Bodyguard hostage cov web
is the first book in the Bodyguard series by Chris Bradford.


In a dangerous world, everyone needs protection.

No one suspects that a teenager could protect someone - but Conner Reeves is no ordinary fourteen year old. He's a bodyguard, a martial arts expert trained in surveillance, hostage survival and unarmed combat. When he's sommoned to protect the President's daughter, his protection skills face the ultimate test.

Alicia doesn't want to be guarded. She is pig-headed and just wants to have fun. With no clue that Conner is her bodyguard, she tries to escape the Secret Service and lead him astray. But unknown to her and Connor, a terrorist sleeper cell has been activated.

Its mission: to take the President's daughter HOSTAGE.


The story starts with Connor walking through London after just having won first place in a kickboxing championship.

He suddenly sees an indian boy getting jerked off

by a group of teens.  He intervenes and fights them off but is arrested by the police and taken to the station where he is interviewed.  At the end of the interview the person questioning him says that he would make a perfect bodyguard which confuses Conner.

Book TrailerEdit

Bodyguard Hostage by Chris Bradford00:39

Bodyguard Hostage by Chris Bradford

Hostage book trailer

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For a book extract go to the main website here .

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