Ransom is the confirmed upcoming sequel to Hostage and will be released in May 2014


With a successful high-profile assignment under his belt, Conner's service are now in great demand. Maddox Sterling the world famous Australian media mogul, hires him and fellow bodyguard Ling to protect his two children, Ella and Lily. 

His daughter Emily has already been a kidnap victim and Mr. Stweling will spare no expense in securing their safety. Colonel Black promises a watertight operation, but Conner knows twins mean twice the trouble!

Joining the family onboard their 300ft mega-yacht in Sydney, the assignment goes smoothly until they sail across the Indian Ocean and into dangerous waters. Somali pirates board their boat, kill all the bodyguards and seize the family.

Demanding a $100 million ransom, the pirates ignite a media furore. The Australian government sends a detachment of SAS to rescue Sterling and his children. But someone has sabotaged the yacht's navigation system and no one can find them.

With the ransom deadline drawing ever closer, the pirates announce they will start killing the crew and family one by one. But the pirates didn't count on Connor Reeves being aboard...

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